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    With the projects I work on, I never want for the audience to second guess what it is that they're seeing. It is my goal to always create visuals that are not only representative of your brand, but also have enough power to demand attention before you event have to open your mouth. The visuals are the elements that brings the audience in, then its up to you to seal the deal.
  2. Managing Director
    The one misconception about developing a visual brand is that it should be something that you and you alone like. This is so very wrong, your brand isn't about you (well, to a certain extent!). It really is about your target audience. You have to really understand what it is that's attractive, compelling and interesting to whomever it is you're building a relationship with. Because they will only flock to what's relatable and meaningful to them.
  3. Managing Director
    No one likes to be forgotten, right? Well maybe introverts do, but in the grand scheme of things, we all want to be remembered! So does your brand! That's the identity part. The element that keeps you memorable is consistency. Present yourself to the world in a unique, consistent and compelling fashion, and the recognition will easily come. This is an integral component to leaving your mark, and ILA can certainly help you play the part.
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Sheena Renee' Hair
"Rachel is super talented! She designed my company logo for my event planning company, as well as collateral for event marketing purposes! Recently she did all the graphic design work for my Mommies & Mimosas event and I was blown away! Everything was consistent and beautifully made!"
- Dinai Yelverton
"ILA designed my Logo for my Company. I received many comments about the design. ILA also was responsible for designing a banner for my business launch-IT WAS AWESOME. ILA is a great company to work with. ILA will continue to be my go to for all print media."

- Marva Cooksey
"I've been working with ILA for a few years and her work ethic and creativity is amazing. Not only is she artistic but very knowledgeable about branding as well."

- Sheena Renee